How Do You Get Your Child Ready for Big School?

21st April 2022

School readiness goes beyond knowing how to read, write and do basic counting and maths. It’s also about a child’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive and communication skills. For example, it’s also important for a child to learn how to get along with other children as well as communicate clearly about his/her needs.

Getting your child ready for big school

There are clear signs if your child is indeed ready for the big school. If you don’t see most of these signs, you will have additional work to do so that your child’s transition to the big school will be a bit smoother and easier.

One of the clear signs is your child being able to use pencils, crayons and scissors. This requires a fine motor grip and some finesse which are essential in handwriting and crafts. Another sign is that your child can already use the toilet unassisted and that he/she can undress himself/herself independently. This level of independence is important because there will be less supervision and guidance in the big school.

As mentioned earlier, social and emotional skills are also important in school readiness. Your child should be able to get along with other children and make new friends. Your child is also expected to be able to follow and understand basic rules and instructions. This way, your child’s learning experience will be fun and positive. After all, learning is much easier if your child feels good in that new environment.

Cognitive and language skills are also crucial. Your child should be able to keep up with the teacher’s lessons and communicate clearly with both the teacher and other children. If your child’s language and cognitive skills are strong, he/she will have an easier time with the transition (first day of school will be less intimidating).

School readiness is about making the transition easy and smooth for your child. This is also important for getting an amazing start that will set a positive momentum for your child’s long journey ahead.

That’s always been our aim here at Footsteps Early Learning Centre where we have a comprehensive school readiness program. This program is carefully crafted to help children get an amazing start and gain a positive momentum early on in their studies. Contact us today for more information about our approach.