How Do I Get My Toddler Interested in Learning?

28th February 2022

Children one to three years old learn through experience and observation. It’s a part of learning where they move things and figure out how they work (or what happens when they touch things, wheel them or throw them).

A toddler interested in learning

Actually, toddlers are naturally interested in learning and most of them just can’t sit down and do nothing. They will touch various objects and move them around. Even without our guidance and encouragement, they will still naturally do those things.

It’s all a part of learning where they figure things out and make sense of things around them. After all, learning is not just about reading and writing. It’s also about observation and exploration of objects and surroundings.

As parents, what can we do to facilitate or further encourage observation and exploration? One way is to allow for more outdoor playtime especially when it involves some sand, a small amount of water and various toys and objects. The goal is to give them more than enough input for their brains to process. In addition, the variety of experiences they gain will help their brains consolidate useful knowledge for their growth and development.

Another way is to surround children with child-friendly books and illustrations. In their toddler years, children require a lot of visual input to maintain or sustain their curiosity. Here, the key is variety where they get to see different books and illustrations. Aside from variety, an environment full of learning materials will actually help establish a love for learning. Naturally, children will open those books and although they can’t make sense of them yet, they will start to feel comfortable around a vast source of learning material.

In summary, getting your toddler interested in learning happens naturally if he/she is in the right kind of environment. If that environment encourages exploration and activity, your child will naturally get moving. It’s important though that you notice early if your child is having difficulties and challenges (especially when it comes to his/her developmental progress).

Here at Footsteps Early Learning Centre, we pay adequate attention to each child to monitor their developmental progress. Although we provide a warm and nurturing environment, we still tailor our approach according to each child’s learning pace. This way, children can continuously learn and we can help them build a strong foundation for their future.